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Displayed - 5'11", 16 1/2", 1 5/8"

The Hydro Tow board has been based off the Tow boards designed by Maurice Cole for big 10-15ft+ surf. They feature a very deep single concave running through the entire board with the majority of its curve being in its rail line. It has sharp edges running nose to tail for drive and hold when put on rail and and a wafer thin tail suited to very high speeds. It also features shaped in foot wells which help the rider feel grounded inside the board. Variations can also be made to suit your desired wave type and size, where i have some designed more for towing big beach breaks and slabs rather than offshore reefs. 

Prices starting at:

- AUD$1,250.00 standard PU/polyester

- AUD$1,350.00 EPS/epoxy

*Set dimensions above are a guide only, and can be tweaked in any way to suit your needs. 

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