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Displayed - 5'8", 19 3/8", 2 1/2"

The Batmobile bridges the gap between classic fish and performance shortboard. Its overall low rocker paired with moderate single to double concave through the belly means it has a lot of get up and go. It features a slightly fuller rail than your shortboard and a modified crescent tail with flyer which give it heaps of bite when put on rail. The Batmobile is fast, loose and a lot of fun, it thrives in beachies and shoulder high points. Recommended as a 5 fin setup where it performs equally well as a tightly clustered thruster or super drivey and loose Quad. 

Prices starting at:

- AUD$950.00 standard PU/polyester

- AUD$1050.00 EPS/epoxy

*Set dimensions above are a guide only, and can be tweaked in any way to suit your needs. 

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