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Displayed - 5'6", 20 1/4", 2 1/2"

The Kickboard is a tuned up fish, designed to be fast but most of all, rippable. The challenge here was to design a fish that would turn like a shortboard in the pocket. This was achieved by adding more rocker and outline curve than your typical fish and even more curve on the rail line. It's narrower tail width and shallower swallow tail make it more playful and forgiving when hitting the lip. A Single to deep Vee Double concave out the back and big keel fins give it its speed. It has mid rails and is recommended as a twin keel but can also be a lot of fun as a quad.

Prices starting at:

- AUD$920.00 standard PU/polyester

- AUD$1020.00 EPS/epoxy

*Set dimensions above are a guide only, and can be tweaked in any way to suit your needs. 

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