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Displayed - 9'6", 23", 3"

The Katana is your classic noserider. It has a bottom contour that comes from logs and pigs of the 50/60's, featuring a heavily rolled Vee from nose to tail, but even more pronounce in the back half, this helps it roll over easily when put on rail. It also has a light nose concave shaped into this Vee up front providing lift when perched on the nose. It has an even flowing rocker line with fairly aggressively flipped tail to help turn a fairly heavy board easily. It features 50/50 rails and a very short hard edge behind the fin which massively helps manoeuvring when put on rail. This is an easy nose rider which should be surfed with 10"- 11" single fin of your choice. 


Prices starting at:

- AUD$1,500.00 standard PU/polyester

- AUD$1,600.00 EPS/epoxy

*Set dimensions above are a guide only, and can be tweaked in any way to suit your needs. 

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