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Displayed - 9'0", 20 3/4", 3 1/4"

The Hyperfroth gun features an even flowing rocker line with a large sweet spot, helping a very big board turn off the top even when you find yourself standing slightly off your mark. It's plan shape has lots of forward area and a lot of foam under the chest to help get in early. A thinned out tail, longer hard edges and forward set quad fins give these big boards tons of drive and hold off the bottom. It features a Vee bottom contour running right through the nose, this turns into a Vee Double contour through the back half. This gives you the benefit of a Vee bottom which will roll onto rail effortlessly but also provides speed from the concave within. Smaller versions can be setup as thrusters for a more traditional feel off the top. Glassing schedules go up to triple 6oz deck, double 6oz bottom. 

Prices starting at:

- AUD$1,500.00 standard PU/polyester

- AUD$1,600.00 EPS/epoxy

*Set dimensions above are a guide only, and can be tweaked in any way to suit your needs. 

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