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Displayed - 6'6", 20", 2 9/16"

The Guillotine mid is a stretched out mid length version of the very popular Guillotine twin keel. It’s main difference to the shorter version apart from its length is the subtle changes to its bottom contour. The mid length version has less single concave through the belly and much more Vee out the tail helping a bigger board roll onto rail with little effort. 


I am continually asked the difference between this and the speed egg from customers chasing their first mid length style board. My response is this, the Guillotine mid is a much faster and high performance style board compared to the more cruisy fluid style of the Speed egg. This speed and drive comes from its parallel outline, and a double concave leading into a deep quad concave between the feet. It also has a flatter rocker through the tail than the speed egg and of course, large high area keel fins. It turns tighter in the pocket than the speed egg and can attack the lip with far more aggression due to the placement of its keels - slightly more forward than traditionally seen. It also features quite low refined rails which make it very sensitive and responsive. 


For me this is a one board quiver and something that I enjoy thoroughly in both 1 foot slop and 6ft open faces. Epoxy construction is recommended for boards 35L and up to keep them light and playful. 

Prices starting at:

Standard PU/Polyester

- Up to 6'5" - AUD$1020.00 

- 6'5" - 6'11" - AUD$1080.00 

- 7'0" - 7''5" - AUD$1180.00


- Up to 6'5" - AUD$1120.00 

- 6'5" - 6'11" - AUD$1200.00 

- 7'0" - 7''5" - AUD$1300.00

*Set dimensions above are a guide only, and can be tweaked in any way to suit your needs. 

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